Palisades Mazda

Oil Change Special


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Palisades Mazda Special

4 Wheel Alignment Special


Engine Air Filter


Prolongs Engine Life, Decreases Emissions & Helps To Increase Fuel Efficiency.

Cabin Air Filter

Replacement and Disinfectant

Helps Reduce Pollen, Dust & Pollutants In The Vehicle’s Cabin.

Palisades Mazda Special

Coolant Fluid Exchange

Palisades Mazda Special

Four Wheel Alignment


Alignments are crucial to ensuring that you get the longest life out of your tires.

Fuel Injector Service


Restore your fuel efficiency. Helps restores Power, Better Performance, and Reduces Harmful Emissions.

Brake Caliper Service


Cleans out Brake pads, and calipers. Helps Increase vehicle safety by more responsive brakes. Smoother stopping and quieter brakers.

Rear Differential Service


Helps a smoother gear shifter, longer component life, and a quieter operation.

Brake Fluid Exchange


Increased vehicle safety, More responsive brakes, Smoother stopper power, and quieter brakes.

Transmission Fluid Exchange


Removes deposit formation, helps restore transmission performance, and longer transmission life.

Palisades Mazda Special

Check Engine Light Scan


This is a $149.00 value.

Palisades Mazda Special

Battery Inspection


Battery Health Is A Key Component To Maintaining Optimal Vehicle Performance And High Temperatures Can Have A Detrimental Impact On The Overall Health.

Palisades Mazda Special

Replacement Battery Installed

Starting at

Genuine Mazda Replacement Battery